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Frequently asked questions
Q:   When thinking about a headstone what do I need?
A: We will ask you which cemetery the headstone is to go into, along with the name of the deceased.  We will find out if there are any council bylaws applying to the cemetery the headstone is to be installed, as many cemeteries will have restrictions on the size ofa headstone or plaque and sometimes even the design, whereas many lawn cemeteries, as long as we stay within the size requirement, we can install any design of headstone you like.  Most private cemeteries and Urupa have no restrictions whatsoever, so we can design and install almostanything you want.
Have a think about the future, is the headstone for just the one person, or will there be additional details to be added at a later date?
Do you wish to have a ceramic photographs on the headstone?
Do you have a verse or phrase you would like inscribed on the headstone or even onto the base? (remember we have some suggestions on our web site if needed)
Do you plan to have an unveiling, ceremony or service and what is the date for this?
Would you like Stonehaven Memorials to install the memorial or will the family attend to the installation themselves?
Q:   What does a headstone cost?
A: The cost will depend upon the size, colour and style of headstone.  The average price for a headstone is around $2,900, however we work with-in your budget.  We cut plaques sizes to suit and our headstonerange from the traditional styles to personal designs to suit your loved one.  Personalised headstones do not necessarily cost any more than the traditional styles.
Q:   How long does a headstone take to complete?
A: Depending on whether we have the headstone in stock it normally takes around 3 weeks.  This allows us time to order the photo ceramic (if required) and to crete a layout using your wording and chosen artwork.
When ordering a personalised headstone or a special colour is chosen, a time period of at least 3 months is required to have the headstone made and delivered.
If the headstone is required urgently, we can complete a headstone for you sooner (within a week) depending on availability of stock, you having the wording that you would like to go onto the headstone and have chosen your preferred artwork.
Once you have decided on a headstone design and your wording we will produce a draft layout of what the headstone will look like with your inscription.  Obviously, this is only a draft and making changes is a common and expected part of the process.  When thedraft is finished and you give the go ahead, the headstone will be produced and made ready for installation.  If the family is picking the headstone up to install themselves we can provide advice and guidance to installing the headstone if needed.
Q:    One person is already buried - how do we go about adding a second person onto the headstone?
A: Providing there is space available on the existing headstone, we can do an additional inscription.
If there is no space available we can remove the headstone and re polish the front face of the headstone (so long as the front face is a flat surface) and start with a new inscription.
We can remove the existing headstone and replace it with a new headstone.
Q:    Is layby available?
A: Yes we do offer layby for purchasing of headstones, as long as the headstone is paid in full within a 3 year period or paid in full prior to being collected for installation or installed by us.
We do require that all orders are completed within 3 years.  After 3 years the order will become null and void.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.