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Granite Care Guide
Enjoy the beauty of Granite for ever!!
You can appreciate its beauty indefinitely providing you remember the considerations below:
Granite is a hard wearing, long lasting natural stone work surface however the following should be noted:


Use hot soapy water (mild detergent) and a damp cloth to clean your granite.

Do NOT use harsh or abrasive cleaning products.

Do NOT us highly acidic cleaning products such as citrus based.

Granite should not stain under normal conditions.  However, some materials are more porous than others.  As a precaution do not store containers of oil or margarine on granite surfaces.  Prolonged exposure to oil or dyes marks granite. Attend to spills promptly - particularly high coloured liquids such as red wine or beetroot juice.

Citrus juice and acidic fluids can blemish the polished surface if not wiped up reasonably promptly. 



Although granite can withstand high temperatures without damage, beware of very hot items, large saucepans or super heated frypans direct from the hob or oven as these may cause cracking or crazing.  We recommend using a trivet or board to place you hot baking trays, frying pans, or other cooking utensils which may have a coating of oily or acidic liquids.

We recommend the use of a cutting board.

Always remember that unless fully supported natural stone is a fragile material.  Avoid sitting or standing on unsupported stone items. 

All granite tops fabricated by Stonehaven Memorials & Granite Supplies are sealed with a protective coating to protect against staining.  Depending on the usage check with us as to how often we recommend you reseal your top.