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The image of a deceased loved one is a great focus point on a memorial

When you visit the cemetery you feel as though you can communicate with your loved one. Photo-ceramics are made to withstand the extremes of temperature.  Their durability and long lasting qualities will look goodfor years to come.  The extreme high temperatures they endure during the process and final glazes ensure that the high gloss rappels attacks from mosses and moulds, thus ensuring long lasting beauty. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of photograph should I supply?

A: Choose your best available image.  Regardless of the quality we'll do the very best we can with what you supply.

Q: Can you "fix up" my photograph?

A: We are happy to.  We can take out distracting backgrounds, creases and scratches.  We can add new backgrounds & borders.  See below for a few examples.

Q: Do I have a choice in size and shape for the photo ceramic?

A: Yes.  There are 10 different shapes.  Sizes start at 4 x 6 cm and go up to 40 x 60 cm.

Q: How will the colours turn out?

A: We achieve a very high degree of colour accuracy but there can sometimes be some variation due to the ceramic pigments being quite different to the photographic process.  Our main aim is to get a pleasingskin tone, and this process is very suitable for complexions.

Backgrounds and Boarders

Although oval photos are our most popular for memorials we also offer a range of different shapes. 

Below are a few examples

Different Shaped Examples of Photo Ceramics